7 Swimming Pools

The Main Swimming Pool

Serenity Beach Swimming Pool

Feel free to dive deep into our swimming pool with large size , Join your partner or family for good time swimming. the main pool is large enough to ensure long distance swimming

Two Salty Pools

Saluty Pool

Filtered salty water from the Red Sea filled in specific pools called salty pools, Serenity Beach Resort has its own two salty pools to give its valued guest the nature of sea salty water in a certain area

Heated Pool

Heated Swimming Pool

No matter in Summer Or Winter, our swimming pool is heated to fulfill your needs with convenient degree, our recreation team set the warmth degree to a certain level so that you can enjoy swimming during winter season

Large Pool Area

Kids Pool Area Overview

The large swimming pool area is another way for entertainment time, It combines parents and children together in a certain are designed escpialy for children while parents watching side by side