Things don’t miss when travel abroad

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Travel Preparation

Check For Passport And Get Your Visa

While it’s not necessary to memorize your passport’s expiration date, it’s best to take a look at it—and to verify that you know where your passport is stored—before making any international travel plans. Generally speaking, you want your passport to be valid for at least six months after entering a foreign country.

For Egypt and up to publishing this post you likely to get your visa during your entrance to the Airport later on you might be required to request your visa through the official website of the Egyptian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

Get Vaccinated And Stock Up On Medicine

If you routinely take any prescription medication, make sure you have enough to cover the duration of your travels so that you don’t run out while you’re overseas. Finally—and especially if you’re going to any remote regions—it’s wise to pack non-prescription medicines (aspirin, Imodium, etc.) that may not be easy to find.

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Prepare Your Finance

It is always recommended before your travel to call your bank and credit card providers to let them know where you’ll be; if the companies see foreign charges with no notice that you’re abroad, they might freeze your cards, which can be quite annoying if you’re in a shop or trying to pay for dinner.

Before you travel to Hurghada, be aware of the exchange rate and know how much things generally cost wherever you’re going so that you get some sense of how much you’re going to spend.ATM machines are available widely in Egypt and of course at the Resort using Master Card, Visa Cards and other.

Check The Exchange Rate Of Egyptian Pound 

Get Your Necessary Gear For Electronic Devices

Your best bet is to buy an adapter with different settings that adjust to most outlets, so you only have to worry about one adapter instead of one per country. You also need to check the strength of the electrical current wherever you’re going and make sure your devices are compatible—cell phones and computers often are. If you have a device that’s not compatible with a higher or lower current, then you’ll need to buy a transformer or leave that gadget at home. Finally, if you don’t own them already.

Egypt is running with 220 Voltage Power And 50 HZ Frequency

It Is Friendly To Learn Some Local Key-Phrases

Egyptians are friendly especially with foreigners, So it would be great if your learn some keywords and greetings in Arabic Like “Hello” = “Marhaba” or Even “Thank You” = ” Shoukran”, with taxi drivers or hotel staff you will need these keywords to break the ice and make friendly relationships with others.

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